The Magic of Reading Books

A lot of my friends don’t usually read books and they spend most of their time either watching TV, going to malls or watching a movie. I’m not against all of these particular activities, but I just hope they could at least try and see the beauty of reading books. But they often complained that it’s too boring or sometimes they don’t have the time. So, this is my response to them as well as to the people who don’t read books and usually find it as a waste of time:

“Books are a magical beings which is your choice whether you want to open your mind or not. They transform by choice, not merely by impression or immediately as soon as you hold a piece of book. You must get rid all of your inhibitions, addictions and laziness in order to see its beauty. After all, reading is about nourishing and satisfying the brain, not by some immediate, mindless gratification that we took for granted nowadays. And when you get the hang of the struggle, you will see that is not a boring past time, but some sort of out of the body experience which your consciousness go to another universe while your physical state of being remains. Also, reading books are a tool of the foundation of an idea – any idea to be exact. That’s why they’re not only, as I have said as magical, but crucial to the development of our society.

Remember that reading books is a journey, not a burden”


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