Every Living Thing by James Herriot

This book by James Herriot was probably the most heartwarming book I’ve ever read in my whole life. Aside from the fact that this was his last semi – autobiographical novel and I’ve never read his early previous novels before, this however was enough for me to know why a lot of people love him.

The book however doesn’t usually contains a main storyline, but rather it is composed of numerous short stories that are not interconnected but somehow has an impact to the main character which is the author himself. From his relationships to the people of Darrowby and their pets, it was never a dull moment of seeing James doing his job as a veterinarian surgeon and being a simple man. One of which I’ll never forget was when James and his family moved to Hannerly and treated Molly Minican’s dog, Robbie. The way he wrote their times together was purely sentimental. Talking things about how Charles Armitage treated her or their adoring love for John Wayne’s movies before her untimely death a few weeks later when her Robbie died. I cried too when she died, and the last part of what she did for James sent me into rivers of tears. This really made me rethink that there are still good in people; that life is worth living for when you are with your family, doing what you love but most of all, doing good for others.

It’s so rare to find stories nowadays that describe the simple things in life, and I think Herriot’s books are an exemption. Life in the countryside may look boring and dull, but it is all a matter of perspective. Here, Jame Herriot lived a fulfilled life. A rewarding life that left us a unique legacy to remember him by.


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