Doubts on Writing

For the several days of not posting anything is not a conclusion that I abandoned this blog of mine, rather I’ve been quiet busy writing my story. But I have to tell you honestly that I’ve experienced self – criticism with my prose as well as the story itself for being dull and lifeless. It wasn’t pretty being yourself as the worst critic of your own work.

Writing tremendously with effort and perseverance didn’t get me anywhere from this nagging self – doubt of mine (I’m a perfectionist when it comes to writing a story and I don’t really like any plot holes) What I did was I gave in to this doubt and deleted the story from my laptop. A few moments later, I eventually found a way to cover the plot holes but it was too late, the story is already gone. There for the very first time in my life, I learned to never doubt yourself despite of what others are saying and especially what you think of your own creation. As I have mentioned before, we are the worst critic of ourselves, but it is wrong to see ourselves as somewhat inferior and thinking negative things that might ruin everything. Like what happened to me, I gave in to the doubt instead of trying to see what this doubt is telling me. Now, whenever I have doubts I try to see it more as an indicator of what’s wrong in my story rather thinking of it as incompetent and foolish.

This has helped me a lot and now I managed to finish this article in just a matter of minutes because I changed my perspective towards my doubts in writing. My advise to all those writers who are experiencing this particular problem is this:

Doubts are there to guide us and help us to fill in the gaps of our story. They’re not telling us that it’s pathetic but rather indicating what’s wrong or missing with the story itself. It is ourselves that we must look after to and how we react to this. It is up to us to perceive this doubts as some sort of energy that is putting us down or a hunch that helping us making this story a success.


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