A Little Bit of Poetry

I have published these two poems before on a website, but I eventually erased it. The reason behind this decision is because I changed my mind and decided it should rather be posted right here in my blog.

So without further ado, these are my two poems that I’ve written about a year ago. The first poem is called Wanderlust and the second one is The Mind of a Beggar.




Leaving footprints, I shall depart

from my home and friends apart.

Yonder I shall seek to see through,

the horizons could be blue.


Alone as I to take the world;

let the road itself unfold

for a long journey has begun

under from a scorching sun.


What to see and who will I meet?

The world is as big and steep.

Many of the mountains to climb,

whatever maybe to find.

The Mind of a Beggar


Darkness as I gazed upon the world

of ever living shadows of life.

I must walk these steps of winter’s cold

alone, unnoticed, without a strife.


Sorrowful tears I have shed for me —

for years! Yet not a soul took pity.

Oh why do I live in misery?

Why must life be part of cruelty?


I have nothing else; nothing to go

nothing of purpose for me on Earth.

I should be buried six feet below

to avoid this everlasting hurt.


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