My Thoughts and Impressions on the First Day of Summer school

What are my impressions and comments on taking summer school at this particular university? Mainly there are numerous words I could describe about it over the past few days specifically the people, both my temporary classmates and the staff there. I would like to state first that taking summer school was my choice, not because of having any failing marks on my report card. In the simplest excuse of taking so is because I love to learn and I would like to gain some additional information in my head.

Anyway, I would like to start on my first day of being there. The police by the front gate, particularly at any gate of the university is strict. They will check your bag first before they let you in. You must also wear your I.D. because they have a strict rule of “no I.D. no entry” and since it was my first day I have to show them the receipt of my enrollment on their summer school to gain entry. Upon entering, I immediately took notice on how clean the place is, only leaves are to be found on the floor and the trees and so does the plants are very healthy — well taken care of and it even has some beautiful flowers growing on the leaves too. I was very shy while I was walking on the main square of the University for I felt like an alien there. Honestly, it was my first time of being in another school/university. I have stayed for at least ten years in my previous school which is a private Roman Catholic school and it felt like I was leaving my comfort zone. But I have to adjust immediately for I must adapt towards the changes in my life, especially that I’m on the brink of adulthood.

I went to the building where the summer school would commence, and I felt a slight perturbation as I took every step forward towards the entrance. I don’t know who I’m going to meet there. Uncertainty is a dreadful thing especially knowing that there are multitude of probabilities that might be certain. But it was now or never. So, I went inside and took the stairs instead of the elevator. There, by the main floor of the senior high school building which is the second floor, I saw numerous other people who are attending summer school. At first glance I had the impression of them as simple and possibly the same as any teenager nowadays who would be holding their cellphones to keep themselves company. Others would be talking to their friends while some would be just sitting on a vacant seat by the edge, unaware that some people are looking at them. I immediately took notice that the building was beautifully painted, the blending colors of white and grey is carefully placed at the right spot which gave me the feeling of ease. The inside facade is absolutely stunning, it has the essence of American architecture during the 20’s I think, but I don’t know for certain what era it was.

7:00 am would be the starting time of my classes which I took two subjects to study: Math and Science. We were called to go inside in our respective classrooms by the time I was there for it was certainly hot outside. Reaching rm. 302 on the third floor, one by one we went inside like ants. Surely we cannot seem to overcome our shyness for one another so the room was still silent despite of being occupied by people who may get the impression by the door window that are either deaf, blind or possibly both. Nobody looked at each other for the next couple of minutes, all are facing the blackboard like robots, excluding me. One by one as the people inside are increasing, the same situation stays the same. Although I heard several whispers from people whom I think know each other who are on the front row of the room, but it didn’t escalated to an extent that might at least remove the myriad feelings of tension, bashfulness and awkward silence.

Eventually, we met our teacher for the day to discuss or should I say talk about the orientation before the regular start of the summer class which was to happen on the second day of the class. Sir J——- was a very funny teacher, bright and very witty. It was because of him that put some joy in the room.  He is certainly not very charming, but the way his articulate manner of expressing himself enticed us more of being in his class. Jokes were made about numerous topics that a lot of teenagers, including myself, could relate. I am sure he has a very splendid mind, chiefly mixed with humor and a kind heart that will get along with today’s people.

Not to mention of course that because of him, all those barriers I have mentioned before dissipated after a brief conversation. Others would already give their side comments immediately without hesitation. This was a good sign for me until later we were plunged into a test that will examine our knowledge on Math. Sir J——- told us that that we will be divided into three groups that would focus different topics and he was just our temporary teacher. I don’t want to be in another class, but unfortunately I was seperated and was sent to another one which is okay for me, I guess.

However, my late classmate who came to school already in the middle of the test managed to be picked to be in his class which sounded unfair. But, there’s nothing I could do about it. It’s already done.

By dismissal time, I could say I had a fresh start with my first day at summer school. I think this is already a big benefit for me so that when the real classes have started, I’ve already adjusted myself to the new environment I’ve been put into.


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