The Problem of Love in terms of Appearance

Have you ever experienced this strange feeling like when you first watched the movie Titanic and thought of wishing that kind of love would be the same with your future relationship someday? I did yet unsure whether I will find someone.

There is something about that movie that still compels me on finding love. However, one must be realistic with his or her expectation when it comes to love. Some may deceive you, others would only take advantage of you and the most common of all, they only want to have sex with you. These are the problems that could happen when you are already in a relationship. But what about when you’re still finding it? Finding the one who will love you unconditionally and wholeheartedly? Accepting you, inside and out?

For as long as I could remember, they always say let love find you. But what if love didn’t like what it finds? Should you be worried? I think it is so unlikely nowadays to apply those old wisdom of the past with today’s social expectations when it comes to love. But that might be just me, although it can be true.

So far from my observations to other people, it kind of gives me this ambivalence of even finding love in the first place. I’ve observed that only beautiful people are the ones who could find love. Because of their beauty and physical perfection, it’s easy to fall under their spell —- easy to navigate and catch a fish in the sea in an instant. Before you know it, they’ve already found the one and will soon get married. For us who only have average looking appearances, we still have to conquer several rejections —- rejections that will be final without going the process of courtship if you are a male or ever to be noticed by the guy you like if you are a female. Constant rejections that will keep on reminding us that we are not good enough physically to at least give us a chance.

On the other hand, I’ve observed as well with the misfortune of being beautiful. People who proclaim themselves as ugly would be envious of other people who has those features they so want. But this is not to be, for the problem is the same with those who lack beauty. Superficial judgment is the same with superficial likeness, both are contradictory towards love. How can you love another person if you tend to look upon their appearances that made your decision whether you will give him or her a chance? and most certainly you cannot love another person if you don’t love for who he or she really is. This biased subjective perception of love is an illusion that is instilled to one’s selfish goals; a goal which is to own. This we must condemn when it comes to matters of love.

Living life is a heavenly blessing but finding love is hell, at least with today’s standards. Do not give in to such criticism, and before you know it someone’s going to accept you just for who you are.


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