The Path Towards A Better Future

Every human being is like a flower who blooms and creates beauty in the world. And each flower has its own specific colors.  Its features are not always the same from one flower to another, and most of them do not share the same preferences at all. Despite of this, they are of the same kind. They still create beauty. This harmonizes the notion that all things are equal to one another regardless of their differences. Just like the flowers, we are the same like them. Not all of us share the same religious or political beliefs, the same color of our skin or even our sexual orientation. But we all have one thing in common and that is the innate capacity to do good for others and for the world. A contribution in other words that makes our world a better place. A contribution that makes life worth living.

But sadly, it is far from being simple like this. There are still numerous tragedies that threaten the world’s aspiration of peace, equality, equity and tolerance. From the recent political crisis in Venezuela to the church bombing in Egypt, it seems that the idea of such a world where there is harmony in all things could never be reached. The problems of the past such as racism for example is still rampant in today’s society. In spite of implementing laws that prohibits such acts, it didn’t deter the people from committing hate crimes towards a specific person. The past and the present may have numerous differences, but some problems remains the same. They were only overshadowed by the new ones and we thought those problems were a thing of the past now, but they aren’t.

I don’t know much of the entire picture of the current problems of today. But there is one thing that I know for sure, is that these problems can be solved. Just as I have mentioned before, it seems it is impossible to attain a harmonious world when all we could here and read about in the newspaper, the news or even from the internet are problems that hinders this particular worldwide goal.  What is to be done then? The only solution I could think of is that change starts with us. This may sound as an overused conclusion to any problem, but it is effective. The government may have the power to execute laws yet on the contrary, it is up to the people whether they would follow or not.

But someday, when a man did a noble and good deed, he will soon start the vision of a harmonious world. Not so soon, it will influence the masses and would do the same; reminding people that such a world is possible to happen.

Remember that every human being has the power to make a change. A change to make a better future for the coming generations. A future that all of us deserved.


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