The Day Loneliness Began

Like any other first day of school, it has always been universally considered as the day of reconciliation with some of your friends. As well as those newly bought school materials you’ve been dying to brag about among your peers. Not to mention of course those several familiar faces that you’ve be seeing along the way for the last couple of years; people you have walked across the same hallway before —- from other classes perhaps or even the cute boy you have been crushing about for the last couple of months but never had any guts to try and talk to him. Yes, this is what it would be like if you’re coming back to school that you’ve stayed on for the last couple of years. But if it’s you’re first day and you’re going to a completely and entirely different school, then you might as well disregard all those expectations I have described before and let me tell you what it really feels like.

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My Thoughts and Impressions on the First Day of Summer school

What are my impressions and comments on taking summer school at this particular university? Mainly there are numerous words I could describe about it over the past few days specifically the people, both my temporary classmates and the staff there. I would like to state first that taking summer school was my choice, not because of having any failing marks on my report card. In the simplest excuse of taking so is because I love to learn and I would like to gain some additional information in my head.

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