Another Step Towards Being An Adult

Only a few days left and I’m going back to school. The end of freedom where there is no school (not that I hate) homeworks, projects and especially quizzes are finally coming back to haunt my dreams and my daily life. Not only was this the case of me being sad, but also realizing that I am getting older. I’m a senior now in high school (Grade 11 to be precise) and just think, two months later from now I’m going to be seventeen years old. One step closer from becoming an adult, another step closer from finishing high school and another step closer from entering college life. This would not only indicate that I’m no longer an adolescent anymore, but as an adult who has the power to lead his or her own life from now on.

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My Thoughts and Impressions on the First Day of Summer school

What are my impressions and comments on taking summer school at this particular university? Mainly there are numerous words I could describe about it over the past few days specifically the people, both my temporary classmates and the staff there. I would like to state first that taking summer school was my choice, not because of having any failing marks on my report card. In the simplest excuse of taking so is because I love to learn and I would like to gain some additional information in my head.

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