The Path Towards A Better Future

Every human being is like a flower who blooms and creates beauty in the world. And each flower has its own specific colors.  Its features are not always the same from one flower to another, and most of them do not share the same preferences at all. Despite of this, they are of the same kind. They still create beauty. This harmonizes the notion that all things are equal to one another regardless of their differences. Just like the flowers, we are the same like them. Not all of us share the same religious or political beliefs, the same color of our skin or even our sexual orientation. But we all have one thing in common and that is the innate capacity to do good for others and for the world. A contribution in other words that makes our world a better place. A contribution that makes life worth living.

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The Problem of Love in terms of Appearance

Have you ever experienced this strange feeling like when you first watched the movie Titanic and thought of wishing that kind of love would be the same with your future relationship someday? I did yet unsure whether I will find someone.

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My Thoughts and Impressions on the First Day of Summer school

What are my impressions and comments on taking summer school at this particular university? Mainly there are numerous words I could describe about it over the past few days specifically the people, both my temporary classmates and the staff there. I would like to state first that taking summer school was my choice, not because of having any failing marks on my report card. In the simplest excuse of taking so is because I love to learn and I would like to gain some additional information in my head.

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The Magic of Reading Books

A lot of my friends don’t usually read books and they spend most of their time either watching TV, going to malls or watching a movie. I’m not against all of these particular activities, but I just hope they could at least try and see the beauty of reading books. But they often complained that it’s too boring or sometimes they don’t have the time. So, this is my response to them as well as to the people who don’t read books and usually find it as a waste of time:

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