A Little Bit of Poetry

I have published these two poems before on a website, but I eventually erased it. The reason behind this decision is because I changed my mind and decided it should rather be posted right here in my blog.

So without further ado, these are my two poems that I’ve written about a year ago. The first poem is called Wanderlust and the second one is The Mind of a Beggar.


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Living Life with Wanderlust

Whenever I wake up in the morning, I always walk out of the house to see the beautiful blue sky and dream that one day I would go to other countries, one day I would meet different types of people and one day I would learn about their culture. There are a lot of things that could happen, endless possibilities and adventure waiting out there on this wide, wide world we’re living. The open road has fascinated me ever since. From that little bubble that I was living in to this wide planet that I’m beginning to open myself into. There’s no time nor day to be wasted but just live life to the fullest. I have so much energy that I couldn’t control myself. I once said to my mother that if I had my life one day, then I would travel the world and do exciting things along with my personal belongings and just become a vagabond for quiet some time, and when I’m done, I’ll be going back home and just lay myself on the bed with a big smile on my face, feeling contented and happy of seeing God – created planet we are living in.